Monday, August 7, 2017

physical copy

Oh, I am so very excited about my book coming out soon! It seems like forever ago that I submitted the initial proposal to Abrams, then there were months and months of writing, and preparing, and so many people to keep track of and bills to pay and things to arrange and schedule. The photo shoot itself was an enormous mountain of work: styling and shot lists and direction on-set. After photo editing, it was all about layout for several months -- colors, fonts, and proofs in the mail. Then, the final proof went off to the printer and it was quiet for awhile. Very, very quiet. Until finally, a printed, very real copy of my actual book arrived in the mail.

I cannot express to you what this feels like. It must be a bit like graduating college, I suppose -- or having a baby, I've been told. Something you have waited and worked very hard for is suddenly here, and there is a deafening silence, and a sudden empty space that used to be filled with work and worry and excitement, and instead there is a physical something in its place. For a while, I took the book around everywhere to show everyone. Recently, I began a re-read. Would you believe I haven't fully read the source material in almost a year? It's easy to read a single essay when it needs edits, but reading the whole book over and over for each proof just wasn't going to happen -- I had to skim, check for trouble spots, and send it back within a few days each time.

The words seem like they're resonating even more with me now. I wrote the book in many ways as a reminder to myself, to do all of these things that I have found make my knitting more productive and thoughtful. Now that I'm reading them, I can't help but wonder what the rest of you will think and say and do as a result of reading them too. I hope it is liked, and well loved, and that nobody thinks I am insufferably pretentious. In some ways, the waiting for the book has started up all over again.

Come swiftly, October 10th!

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