Wednesday, August 9, 2017

indigo blues


The "indigo trend" has been going strong this summer. It seems like the world is in love with the rich blues of this natural dye, and I'm seeing it continue to pop up everywhere and in every capacity. I have never been a huge fan of faded blues, but even I can't resist the siren call, as evidenced by two very different projects currently making their way across (and around) my knitting needles.

Tegna seems to be a sweater-of-the-moment, although I'm a little behind on the trend. I fell in love with the idea of making this cropped, lace-trimmed pullover sometime around May and just haven't let it go. Meanwhile, Haus of Yarn, one of my favorite local shops, carries a yarn brand I've been meaning to fiddle with, Geilsk, in just the right cotton-wool blend for this garment. I picked up a skein to swatch and ended up going back for the other three almost right away. This pattern is zippy! I finished the lace portion in just a few days, and slogged through the stockinette while watching GLOW on Netflix. I feel a bit so-so about the show, but the sweater, which is now divided for the shoulders and sleeves, has me over the moon.

I'm also knitting a little doodle of a hat, in a skein of hand-dyed indigo yarn I picked up at last year's Nashville Farmer's Market. I'm not sure what the wool blend is, though I suspect some Romney, or Jacob, or crosses of some sort, based on the hand. It's quite crunchy and rustic, although I suspect it will soften up quite a bit with a warm bath. The pattern is a simple slipped stitch hat I've been knitting for years but haven't bothered putting into writing. I should probably remedy that, although it's so easy you can probably figure it out if you want to knit it n-o-w.

While I certainly don't foresee myself starting up an indigo vat in my apartment any time soon, I seem to be doing an abundant amount of reading on the subject. A revisit with one of my favorite books, The Modern Natural Dyer, is just what I need in advance of seeing Kristine in person in a few weeks here in Nashville. She's teaching a workshop at Craft South. This shop also carries quite a bit of Anna Joyce's hand-printed indigo fabrics, as well as a wonderful assortment of chambray denim fabrics. I may have picked up a few for a future quilt, although I'm not currently sure if I'd like to go with a simple nine-patch block or something a bit more complex.

It might be the easy going nature of Nashville is finally rubbing off on me (a bit like indigo on your fingers), or it could just be a deep sigh welcoming the end of Summer, but right now, I've got nothing but the blues.

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