Monday, August 14, 2017

a sneak peek at heritage

It's easy when you've been working on something for awhile to forget that not everyone already knows about it. Such is the case with a few under-wraps projects that I'm very close to unwrapping. One of these is Malabrigo Heritage, a digital collection I've put together for Malabrigo Yarn this past year and that will be released in early September. I'm currently in the middle of doing the layouts for it, but the photo shoot went exceptionally well, so I thought it might be fun to share a few sneak-peek pictures with you all.

After working on my book, I knew that I wanted to do more collection-style projects for other companies. I couldn't believe it had been over five years since Malabrigo and I had worked together, so naturally they were my first choice for a new collaboration. They've been putting out many beautiful books since my last project with them, but I wanted to do something a little romantic that hopefully captured my feeling of what Malabrigo means to me and to other knitters.

I asked my photographer from the book, Katie Meek, to come on board and she worked her magic on a hot (extremely hot) July day! We used some local models and shot the collection right here in Nashville, which is unbelievable to me in these final photos -- they really do feel like they could have been taken somewhere in Uruguay and are an expansion on the visual style of Book 4, although a little moodier and richer. Even though the photo shoot happened fairly recently, this project has been in the works since summer 2016 -- it takes a long while to get everything knitted and pulled together.

This collection will be available as a grouped e-book with some additional writing and essays about Malabrigo, or the patterns will be available for purchase individually in PDF format, too. This is a new release style for Malabrigo patterns, and I'm looking forward to sharing each of the individual pieces with you all soon. The designers who worked on this book are all immensely talented (some will be names you may have seen in past Malabrigo books, too). I had so much fun working on this and have so much more to share in the coming weeks!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing this, and the new format of E-book or individual purchase.


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