Monday, June 5, 2017

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Did you guys know that I'm a new columnist at The Fringe Association? I honestly could not be more excited about it, having admired Karen's blog for a very long time, and all of the goings on that happen over there. I write a column called Origin Stories about yarns and where they come from (and the people who make them), much in the same vein as my upcoming book.

Like many knitters, I read all of the posts that pop up on Fringe, especially the slow-fashion ones. Lately, I've been dreaming about lightweight, summer knits. I picked up a thrift store top recently that I have fallen in love with (machine knit) and I'm into the idea of  knitting something for warmer weather, and Karen's sleeveless top seems right in line with what I'm feeling right now.

While I love the look of Karen's chunky version, I feel like I would just about sweat to death wearing it, even in linen blends, and I look a bit like a chipmunk wearing turtlenecks anyway, so I'm all about making my version a little more inspired by these garments:

both garments from Anthropologie
In the first, I love the weight of the fabric. I could probably actually wear something that weight (and even neck height) pretty easily in Nashville all summer, especially out in the evenings. It's casual and simple and will look great with jeans. The second image, I love because of the marled stitches (two yarns held together) and what I think is a purl-side facing, along with the extra-large armholes that are a little sexier. I love big armholes paired with lacy bralettes! Oh, and the cool longer hem in the back is so my look right now.

I'm already knitting an experimental duplicate of my dropped-hem tank, using Penny Tank as a baseline for cast on and short rows. This pattern uses a new-to-me short row method by Carol Sunday. (I was actually woefully ignorant of Carol's work and have gotten totally absorbed in exploring her website as a result.)

Penny Tank by Carrie Bostick Hoge
I am changing it a bit - for one, my tank is a little lower in the front, more of a v-neck, and I personally find that a bit more flattering. I'm also not going to give it any garter stitch edging, but I'm going to see how a ribbed bottom looks and then do the edges with simple slipped stitch edging for a clean finish. We'll see how it goes. If I love the result, I'll probably cast on another -- the one I'm knitting now features stripes, since I didn't have a full skein of either of the yarns I wanted to use. (Purl Soho Linen Quill and Buffalo Wool Co. Sexy. I actually like the Sexy better as a finished fabric, but the Linen Quill is lovely and oh-so-affordable!)

I suppose technically these could also fit with the current Summer of Basics KAL that is going on over at Fringe, although I doubt I qualify for any prizes! Are any of you planning some basics for the event?

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