Sunday, April 24, 2016

see green

There is just something really magical about new yarn, isn't there? Buying it, bringing it home, and planning a project for it are all in my top list of the simple pleasures that come with knitting. A little while back, I stopped into a new-to-me yarn store here in Nashville, Haus of Yarn.

I recently moved to Nashville from Iowa where my mom and I ran our own store, The Sheep's Stockings (which sadly is closed, but it's a good thing too since it means my mom is moving closer to me!) One of the things that we loved about running the store was seeing how our store was so different and in many ways the same to other stores that we encountered and visited. Our goal was always to provide the highest quality yarn available for garment knitting, since both of us are avid garment knitters and it seems like many yarn stores only carry a hank of this, a skein of that -- not always enough to make a full sweater.

There is no such problem at Haus of Yarn (unless they're running low on something, I suppose!) It's a beautiful shop chock full of many of my favorite brands, and many brands that I'd been meaning to try but hadn't yet. They are also a Brooklyn Tweed flagship store, which means that I can instantly gratify any of my desires when a new Wool People collection comes out -- dangerous! While I did pick up some Shelter while visiting, I also had to grab these beautiful sea-green skeins of Jill Draper Makes Stuff Windham.

Jill Draper is a wonderfully quirky, very talented lady who lives in New York and has a studio in Red Hook, just outside of Rhinebeck. One of the highlights of my Rhinebeck trip was visiting that studio (although it was very, very packed) and picking out two soft skeins of Hudson, one of my favorite bases. What I love most about Jill's yarn line is that she meticulously finds wools that are local and then turns them into some of the most fun yarns to knit cables with ever. Seriously, if you haven't knitted a cable in something from Jill Draper, go do it right now. You have to complete this knitterly quest!

For me, two skeins of worsted/aran, each with 220 yards, will be just enough to make something great. Windham is merino, spun just how it should be -- with four cozy plies and a bouncy hand just begging to be wound into cakes. I'm not planning on delaying this process any further than I need to, but I have to pick a project first! Any ideas?

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