Tuesday, September 15, 2015

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It's been awhile since I knit my first Lacy Baktus. I used only 4 oz. of handspun yarn for my original one, which I do love and still wear, but my number one complaint is that it's not quite long enough to be a great winter scarf. So, when I took 8 oz. of handspun yarn off the wheel a few weeks ago, it seemed like a great opportunity to knit up a new Baktus in time for Rhinebeck! 

The fiber used in this is, of course, Hello Yarn. This colorway, called Girlish High Spirits, was one of the purchaseable colorways at Spring Yarn School 2015. I snagged two bags and spun it up as a standard two ply for probably somewhere around 600 yards. I don't think I'll use it all for the baktus, it's definitely enough. One of the hanks is probably a bit smaller than the other, so when I wound it into a cake I tied the ends together in the middle, winding so that the smaller skein would be in the center (so first worked.) When I hit the knot, I'll know to start decreasing as that will be my 'middle marker' for the scarf. 

So far, I'm loving it and think it will look great with my Modern Wrapper (of which I still need good pictures!) 

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