Thursday, November 6, 2014

the 13th month

Kenzie in colorway 1015, becoming a 'Simple Lines' scarf

Welcome, November.

I've been thinking about you all year. You're the month in between two visits for Andrew and I. The month before Christmas. The food month. The knitting month. My birthday month. The busiest month of the year, it seems.

I have travel plans to Canada in another week, to see the Zen Yarn Garden studios. I have so many things on the needles it makes my head spin (part of the reason for this Slow Knitting blog post I wrote for Knit Purl!)

And mostly, I just want to finish things up and wrap them around my neck, put them into holiday-wrapped boxes, and take a deep breath at the end of the year. We should add another month, one where we don't do any work, a 13th month. We can call it "Restuary," or "Restember." Take your time. Take a breather. No rent, no working, no money out the door or in. It's a nice thought, at least.

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  1. I think Restember sounds like an ideal month. :)
    Your scarf is stunning on that color.


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