Monday, June 16, 2014

lilly brush winners!

I know it's a little later than expected, but I have finally had a chance to draw winners for the Lilly Save our Sweaters brush and the Lilly Be Forever Furless brushes! I did notice that there were some duplicate comments, so for the purpose of this drawing, any multiples are counted just as a single number entry.

The winner of the Save our Sweaters brush is #29, Alex!

And the winner of the Be Forever Furless brush is #3, Devin!

Congratulations, both of you! Send me a message via email or Ravelry to claim you prize. And a big thanks to Lilly Brush, Co., who sent these awesome prizes to give away!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

style saturday

The shop is really one of the only places where I consistently dress up during the week. Most days, you'll find me at home, glued to my desk, armed with a cool drink (or hot tea) and filtering through a jumble of emails, Ravelry posts, and scheduled projects. Usually I'll be wearing yoga pants, although lately a pair of silky, casual harem pants has been part of my uniform.

Every Saturday, I make it down to the shop and take the time to dress up that morning -- put on something I'm excited to wear. It just makes me look that much more forward to a day full of yarn, people, and knitting!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

bicolor beauties

I have been really in love with the simple beauty of two-color stitches right now -- simple stitches, colorwork made easy. Some of them are a repeat on a stockinette background (like Check This Out), while many are just bicolored Linen Stitch. What makes them special is that when completed, the finished fabric often looks more like it's been woven than knit -- especially in the stitches that involve slipping and crossing the contrast yarn over the front (like Bicolor Linen and Bicolor Sand stitch.)

What lovely knitting trends have you run across lately? I feel like these would look extra-exceptional in handspun with a solid, neutral contrasting color.

Monday, June 9, 2014

behind the scenes

I did a photoshoot early last week for a couple of different design projects (I can't reveal too much!) I thought you guys might like a sneak peek! I am especially fond of the pink piece -- love those dropped stitches.

Thursday, June 5, 2014


Everything in the Midwest is blooming and coming back to life, amidst days that are stormy and gray, darkened by passing rainclouds. We have blooming pale pink and white peonies in the yard, which seems to almost glow, growing overnight. It's a lovely and wonderfully inspiring, lazy, blue-green June.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

peachy keen

I am really into neons lately, and, most specifically, neon orange with a little pink. So when summer finally settled into the Midwest, I made sure to snatch up and start a project with this beautiful hank of Madelinetosh in colorway "Neon Peach".

Have you ever tackled a project the second time around and found it a lot easier? That's what's happening to me with the Lace Ribbon Scarf. Back when I printed out the pattern from Knitty in 2008, this scarf pattern seemed impossible. I just didn't get it. And I didn't read charts, so I couldn't approach it from a different angle. Now, I'm able to really understand how the pattern works, and have memorized the repeats easily enough to set it down and come back to it.

It's kind of making me wonder if Thayer might be easier now....!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

lilly brush

This contest is now closed for entries! Thanks to everyone who entered -- winners will be announced soon!

It's not often that I review things here on my blog, but I've been meaning to do it more often. This year at TNNA I got to connect with a great new company - Lilly Brush, Co. They make these magical little brushes that take pills, pet hair, dust, and even dirt off of your clothing and upholstery.

The original Lilly Brush has been marketed to those of us in the knitting world as the better pill-remover. Unlike a sweater shaver or sweater comb, it isn't rough on and doesn't damage the fibers. Sometimes if you get too close with a sweater shaver on natural fibers, it can remove chunks and make weak spots that turn into holes over time. Not so with the Lilly Brush, which as soft nylon bristles and works maybe even better than my favorite sweater comb.

I decided to try it out on some other uses around my house. I used the brush to clean cat hair off of my clothes and some velveteen chairs in my studio. It removed the pet hair faster than a lint roller, and more efficiently. It feels good that I don't have to peel six sticky-paper sheets off the roller every time I need to get yellow Russie hairs off of my chairs! Not to mention that the Lilly Brush, by nature of being reusable, will save me money and save the environment some trash.

I immediately wrote the company saying that I loved their product, and they asked if I'd like to review their other brush -- the Be Forever Furless brush. So they sent me one in the mail. As you can see, the BFF brush is larger and styled less compactly than the original Lilly Brush, which is about the size of a pencil case. It's marketed specifically towards getting pet hair off of your furniture, so I decided to give it a real challenge and try it out on the most hairy object in our house: the cat bed.

If you don't think this is disgusting enough in it's current state, you need to consider that the color of this object is dark brown. Not beige. Not taupe. Dark brown. So that current color is 90% pale white, Leopold cat hairs. So gross. For illustration, I brushed half of it (two passes) with the BFF brush. Look, it's brown again!

The BFF brush gathers your pet hair into these neat little rolls that clump on the sides of the brush -- you can just peel them off and keep going. And I did! I cleaned the whole thing with about two passes. Imagine what it does on standard levels of cat hair (or dog hair) furniture coverage!

And now for the BEST part! Thanks to Lilly Brush, Co., I am able to give away one of each of these brushes to a lucky reader. That's right, I have TWO brushes -- the original Lilly Brush and the Be Forever Furless brush to give away. 

To win, simply leave me a comment saying which one you would use most, and what you would use it on first! (Everybody has that super-pilly sweater or ultra-hair covered chair in their house, come on, share!) Contest ends on June 10th.

This giveaway is now closed! Thanks to all who entered -- winners announced soon!