Friday, May 9, 2014

up down, all around

While at TNNA I got to swing by the Blue Sky Alpaca's booth and pick up something they had for me there -- a copy of Wendy Bernard's newest book, Up Down and All Around! I actually won a copy of it by entering their retailer contest and even got to have it signed by the talented author herself. In case you don't know who Wendy is, she's the author of the very clever and entertaining knitting blog, Knit & Tonic. It was one of the first knitting-related blogs I read and it really rejuvenated my interest in the craft during college. It was such an honor to meet her (although I think she was probably SO tired!)

Anyway, the book is a really new approach to your more traditional stitch dictionary. Each stitch pattern is presented in a full-color swatch, and then accompanied by instructions (and sometimes charts) on how to use that pattern for bottom up, top down, flat and circular knitting. So you can adapt any stitch pattern to whatever you're using it for, in whatever format you like. How awesome is that?!

It really is such a pretty book. I can't wait to come up with some designs using the stitch patterns! How exciting!

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