Monday, May 12, 2014

maai oh maai

One of the things that I love most about working within the yarn industry is how many things you get to see early. Depending on what company you work for, you'll even get a few advance samples or get to help name colors, yarn, or both. At Shibui, they are really awesome about letting staff members submit names for new product.

This year, they introduced a new yarn at the summer TNNA show. A yarn that I got to name! The name, Maai, is a play on the Japanese concept of ma, or the interval between opponents. The structure of Maai is a chainette, so there are physical intervals within the structure of the yarn that both pull away from and against each other, creating a yarn that is really unique. I never would have dreamt that the yarn I got to name would be so luxurious!

Here's a sneak peek in one of their new colorways, Fog (named by another staff member, Leah) -- of course, one of these hanks is already on the needles becoming a gorgeous scarf. I'll have to show that one off soon.

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