Thursday, April 10, 2014


Did you know that I do a little freelance social media for Zen Yarn Garden? This luxury yarn line has a bunch of beautiful colors, and I talked Roxanne into letting me knit some swatches of this year's newest ones -- a bevy of blues that will be available at TNNA in May.

Of course, I couldn't resist getting started -- swatches are the perfect thing to work on while you're waiting on a meeting to start or uploading photos into Photoshop for editing. 

First up, Blue Jeans. This color is more of a purple than a denim blue, in my opinion, but it kind of reminds me of really faded jeans. I love all of the tonalities in this color -- it's a semi solid that feels fairly solid. I love how it worked up in simple stockinette. Purple isn't really my color, but this is the perfect shade of purple-blue-grey for me to want to make something out of it. 

Then the light blue, called Tranquility. This is certainly a tranquil blue -- it reminds me of the most perfect blue sky, completely cloudless. Simple seed stitch for this swatch.

Next up, Baltic Sea. I did this swatch in Hurdle Stitch.

Hurdle Stitch 
To do this stitch, just cast on a multiple of 2. 
Row 1:  *k1, p1* 
Row 2: *k1, p1*
Row 3: knit
Row 4: knit

Yes, it really is that easy. 

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  1. I've never heard of Hurdle Stitch, but that's such a pretty effect!


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