Monday, March 10, 2014

wool arrivals

card is from Fringe Supply Co.

The newest installment of Hello Yarn's Fiber Club has arrived in my mailbox! Lately I have been really feeling neutral tones, so 'Village Smithy', February's colorway, is perfect.

In fact, it actually goes with an extra gray in Knit Picks Palette that I ordered awhile back. The color is called 'Gosling'. I'm thinking about spinning the BFL/silk blend fiber up to about the same weight as the Palette and knitting a very simple, striped stockinette cowl. It might be just the thing that I need after I finish some of these sweaters!


  1. Ooo, pretty stuff! With all the jobs on your profile page you must be a very busy lady indeed! I have two wheels and never spin. I need either a spinning buddy or a yarn lack so I must spin in order to knit. That won't happen soon!

    1. Two wheels! I'm jealous :) I am pretty busy but I'm making it work, I am one of those people who is more productive the busier they are, I think!


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