Friday, March 14, 2014

so fresh, so clean

I can't be the only one getting excited about Spring. Living in the Midwest, sometimes I feel like just saying the word is like daring it not to happen -- it's not totally unheard of for us to have snow in April here. But I'm throwing caution to the wind, a little, with this post. I'm just too excited about spring, and wanted to share some spring knits and projects I'm planning to get started.

Do you remember my winter mood board? I made one for spring, too:

I am pretty thoroughly fascinated by a mix of floral prints and extremely minimalistic garments in various colors this spring. I have never been a huge fan of white, but I did purchase my first pair of white jeans, ever. I'm looking forward to wearing them. Note that I've pulled in some of the winter colors -- nude, various shades of green, black and that sort of smudged, gray blue are all present here too.

I am a knitter who really enjoys knitting year-round, and I like to have a few garments for early spring that will still keep me comfortable. I'm loving the crop-top trend this year, but only in smooth, tailored varieties -- nobody needs to be looking like they popped out of She's All That circa 1999. I love the idea of modifying the curved hem idea a bit with a longer sweater shape like this Lila pullover from Carrie Bostick Hoge:

Ravelry pattern link here: Lila

I think I would knit it up maybe in a lighter weight yarn, maybe Shibui Staccato. Or I could use some of the linen I have in my stash, but I worry that the drape might go a bit overboard and obscure the hemline. I would love to wear this piece over floaty dresses so that the gathered fabric at the bottom would ruffle out from the hem.

In Iowa, it's pretty necessary to keep a few cozy sweaters around well into spring, so I'm going to be working on this Earl pattern. I taught a class on brioche knitting last year and really had a lot of fun with it -- the fabric is so squishy! I am going to make this in Annie Yarn's "Robin's Egg" colorway -- the yarn is gorgeous and something I already have in stash (it's from Yarnbox!)

Ravelry link here: Earl

What about you? Do you spend some time thinking about spring knits, or are you a seasonal knitter? If you're seasonal, what do you do instead of knitting in the spring?

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