Thursday, March 27, 2014


I have a cold today, or rather, this week. At first I thought maybe I just had seasonal allergies, but I really need to stop believing that I would suddenly develop seasonal allergies, especially since I have never had them before in my life. But no, it's definitely a cold -- congestion and sinus headaches and difficulty sleeping are all hallmarks of this stunning specimen.

Luckily, working from home means that I won't lose any hours (even if I decide to work from bed.) And there's always plenty of knitting to do. I added the second color to my Malabrigo wrap. This thing is going to be so snuggly and wonderful to wear when it's finished, but for now I'm enjoying the simplicity of seed stitch.


  1. Hope you feel better soon! If you take meds (I know some people don't), I recommend the Buckley's Cough, Cold, and Flu pills. They work great.

    1. I've been dosing with sudafed but I will give something else a try! Thank you for the recommendations!


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