Wednesday, March 19, 2014

new camera

Something very exciting came in the mail today....

My first DSLR! This is a Canon Rebel T3i, and I am really looking forward to learning how to use it. There just comes a time when my little point-and-shoot Canon A590 IS just doesn't seem to cut it. I have signed up for the Mastering your DSLR course through A Beautiful Mess and I'm trying to concentrate on work the rest of the day instead of learning all the details of this new tool. But it's really hard!

Luckily, it will help with my work in the long run, since it will allow me to take higher quality photos with more variety, make video (yay, more Yarnbox reveal videos), and a whole bunch of other fun things! Of course, I'll still carry my point and shoot along for all sorts of other things! 

Do you have a DSLR? What kind? What tools and extras do you recommend I invest in first? 


  1. I bought my T1i 4-ish years ago, and it's been a nice little workhorse. My go to lens for most everything is this:

    I love it because it's super light and it consistently produces great images. I also have purchased a wide-angle lens and a telescopic, and I generally use the 50mm and wide angle the most. The kit lens is OK, but I enjoy my pictures far more not using it. My recommendation for actually using the camera is to do your best to be able to understand how to use the manual settings, and shooting from RAW (if you didn't already). It took me around a year to be able to use the manual settings with competency, but I was able to get there and it's completely worth it. I'm hoping that the fiber fest I'm boothing at will be enough to get me most of the way to my upgrade I've been waiting patiently for, the 70D.
    -Caitlyn from Fiber Hound

    1. Thanks so much!!! This is my first DSLR so I am taking a class, it covers a LOT of stuff from shutter speeds, to shooting in manual, to shooting in RAW, to white balance... there is a lot to learn that I didn't bother with for my point & shoot.


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