Saturday, March 15, 2014

far away friends

One of my favorite parts about working for Yarnbox is that I get to connect with some pretty amazing and exciting companies and the people running them, on a daily basis. Sometimes, those relationships are all business -- but other times, they develop into working friendships, and then real friendships.

When we featured Annie Yarn back in September 2013, I knew I loved the yarn -- and I was so excited to have such a great dyer involved. I spent a lot of time chatting with Annie about all sorts of colors, and projects, and ideas. She and I ended up getting to know each other pretty well and have done a few exchanges. Recently, we shipped out some yarn in February 2014 from Phydeaux. Annie got a great color, but she wanted another one to design something in, and I happened to have some here, so I sent it to her. She put together a little gift box for me in exchange.

Something you need to know about Annie is that she really puts her heart and soul into her products and her swaps -- I am so spoiled right now, and so lucky to have a friend who knows me so well!

Annie started her box to me with this cute little wash-tape embellished card that directed me through the various packages in the box. There were three tissue-paper packages -- blue, pink, and green -- with a specific order in which to open them.

First was the blue package -- this one was expected, since I was trading Annie yarn for yarn. One hank was a skein of her Annie Sock in Moonlight. This is one of my favorite bases and one of Annie's most popular colors -- for good reason. It's the most perfect silvery gray. With it was a hank of a custom colorway that has a future use (you'll see!)

Top to bottom: Annie Sock in "Hannahbelle", Annie Madison Worsted in "Skyland" and Annie Sock in "Moonlight"
Then was the pink tissue paper package -- which contained a pretty little project bag, filled to the brim with goodies and a custom-dyed color just for me on Annie Sock, which Annie named Hannahbelle -- how cool is that?! The colorway matches the colors in the project bag, too.

The project bag had a bunch of goodies in it, as did the green package, which had this awesome spoon-style tea diffuser. I don't know how Annie knows I could have used one of these -- she might be a mind reader. Which explains why her yarn business is so successful!

The goodies included the tea diffuser, an Eos lip balm, a Jo's Dark Chocolate Sea-Salt Graham cracker, and some Earl Greyer loose leaf tea (yum!) It also included these pretty little stitch markers, which Annie makes herself. They're perfect for socks and match my custom colorway:

I love getting things in the mail, don't you? Annie's package went out today and should arrive next Thursday -- we'll have to keep an eye on her blog!


  1. What an amazing package. I am completely taken with the tea infuser, and that is saying a lot since there is yarn in this post. :)

  2. Wow, Annie is a generous soul, it seems!

  3. What an awesome package! Love all those colours in the skeins of yarn!

    1. She is so talented -- her yarn dyeing skills are pretty fabulous!


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