Friday, February 21, 2014

yarn pyramid

I have already mentioned in a few previous posts how much I seem to delight in everything that emerges from the creative Fringe Supply Co. This letterpress poster is no exception. One of my goals this year is to make my temporary space here feel a bit more permanent, and that means decorating, unpacking, and hanging things up. After all, I'll be here until early spring next year at least. 

For now, I simply have the poster suspended by a binder clip, above my yarn stash and winding station. Eventually I hope to find a beautifully perfect frame, but it could be awhile. I will certainly do so before attempting to move the poster again, since upon arrival it sat under books for nearly a month to get the curve of the mailing tube out!

I think it's a very appropriate poster for anyone who works with fiber! I love that they've put sheep at the bottom (wool is absolutely my favorite fiber for everything), and synthetics at the very tip-top! If only everyone followed this. Unfortunately, as is the case with another such pyramid, sometimes folks just don't know what's best for them!

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