Monday, February 24, 2014


I know that for some of you, winter seems like it's going to end before too much longer. Perhaps in some areas you've even seen the first signs -- little green shoots pushing up through the cold ground, or rainy, slightly warmer days. But since most of the country seems to be in a state of snowy despair, I suppose winter, for at least most of us, is here to stay awhile longer. 

Winter in Iowa can become a sort of uninspiring, gray haze after awhile. It hits us around the end of October. Sometimes the trick-or-treat masses have to wear coats over costumes, while many parents have joined the new 'tradition' of driving their children around in cars to keep out the chill. (In my opinion, if it's too far to walk, you shouldn't be trick-or-treating in that area!) 

We see our first flurries sometime mid-November or late December, and then it just dumps snow on us until the end of March and occasionally into April. 

This year, instead of giving into the despair of slush, sludge, and snow, I am trying to more fully embrace the beauty of the season by knitting more and refining my winter wardrobe to identify what is actually 'reasonable' to wear, and what is simply frivolity (I'm talking to you, slouchy wool slacks!) 

I put together a little mood board to show you where I'd like to be with my winter wardrobe. This year, I've been adding a lot of neutrals, and am approaching color more sparingly. Bits of burgundy, red, and egg blues have been creeping into my palette of frost, wooden gray and oatmeal. I've also continued my life-long love for mossy and evergreen tones.

original photos sourced on Pinterest, compiled by me
Another big goal is to add more visual texture and minimalistic shapes. I love prints and patterns, but I'm trying to seek them out in more subdued varieties for winter time. I've been adding simple jewelry items, vintage furs, and leather textures into my wardrobe lately in abundance. My go-to items have included my J.Crew Biennial Satchel in a peachy leather, a set of delicate citrine earrings, and a neutral scarf I picked up at Zara while in Uruguay.

I've been planning my knitting around these goals too, although I have to admit that I add bright 'pops' in there now and again. I can't survive winter without color! The benefit of choosing a base of solid neutrals (including the egg blue and burgundy) is that I can add bright details without taking away from their overall wintery feel. 

What winter pieces have become your staples? Do you have favorite winter colors?

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  1. I love the Robin's egg blue so much! Looking through my stash on Ravelry, I've noticed I have a LOT of blue and I am so drawn to it, especially during the winter. Blues and blue-greens make me think of the ocean and the beach, which is where I would spend every moment of the summer if I could.. I picked up some deep reds and purples this weekend, just to counter my plethora of blues.

    I've noticed that in the winter I wear a lot of black and gray, but like to accessorize with some pops of color in my jewelry. I think part of that is working as a lawyer in New England, where everyone dresses fairly conservatively.


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