Tuesday, February 25, 2014

stitch by stitch

I've been trying to get back on -- or rather, get on -- the designing horse a little more lately, so I bought some new tools that I thought might help motivate me in the months ahead. While I often have ideas and frequently make sketches, it's very rarely that I sit down and actually make the thing I've been thinking of, and I'd like to change that. 

I bought the Knitter's Pride Symfonie Rose Interchangeable needle set. Although my Hiya-Hiya set has served me well, I really enjoy knitting on Dreamz. The reason I didn't get a standard Dreamz set is purely aesthetic -- I wanted all the needles to be naturally wood-colored and the same shade. 

My other new tool is the Knitters Graph Paper Journal, produced by Rowan Morrison publishing. You can purchase them a few different places online, but I feel obliged to put in a plug for one of my employers, Knit Purl

As you can see, the back and front covers of this adorable journal are lined with knitting abbreviations, notes on weights and symbols for charts. I love the resource almost as much as I love the hand-drawn nature to the inside cover art!

Of course, I had to put it to work right away -- this little chart might become something yet (if I can get the spacing to work out with the yarn I'd like to use!) 


  1. Excellent new tools! I hope they bring lots of inspiration and joy.

  2. I am totally drooling over your needle set. Also cheering you on with the designing.


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