Tuesday, February 18, 2014

on the go

I love when bloggers of all types show off what is 'in their bag', don't you? It's kind of like an inside look at that person's life, what they carry around and what they're up to. For knitters, nothing is as personal as the project bag, or the knitting tote. This year, I was gifted a beautiful canvas tote by my sister. It's from Fringe Supply Co., and the print says "Wool is an essential part of any high-fiber diet." As someone who is both health-food conscious and wool obsessed, I felt like it was the perfect fit, and it's gone into heavy rotation, carrying everything from my laptop to my weekend projects. 

If you opened my bag today, you'd find a pretty wide variety of objects, reading materials and projects. 

I've just purchased this set of bone needles, size US 7, from Fringe Supply Co. (I really can't get enough of their beautiful products & packaging, I'm smitten.) You'd also find a few skeins of 'mystery yarn', ready to be swatched and tested for future Yarnbox shipments. They're both a bit shiny and even look similar next to each other, but the fiber content couldn't be more different!

You'd also find my Kindle. I got it for Christmas and I'm madly in love. Right now I'm reading Lean In, by Sheryl Sandberg, and In Meat We Trust, by Maureen Ogle. Not all of my reading is so serious -- I recently finished the entire Divergent series, too.

Inside would also be the "Woolen" issue of Ply Magazine. This spinning magazine comes out quarterly and people seem to be enjoying it on the various forums I read. After several fairly poor forays into the art of long-draw and woolen spinning, I've decided this might provide the extra help I need to move forward. I do like the magazine, but it's mostly articles and I wish the photos had a bit more pizazz. I do know they're just getting started, though -- I believe this is the third issue.

You would also find my Veer, which is making steady progress in Shibui Cima + Shibui Silk Cloud. Everyone who sees the fabric assumes it's itchy until they touch it. I'm hoping to finish the sweater in time to wear it for TNNA in May! 

What would I find in your knitting bag?

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