Friday, February 28, 2014


They're done, they're done! I finally finished my Goldfish socks. Actually, they've been finished for about a month but I have only now gotten anyone to help me take photos. You can see that they've gotten a little worn in....

The yarn is by Spun Right Round, which is definitely one of my favorite places to get sock yarn. They always have such fun colorways! This one is 'Goldfish' and was an absolute pleasure to knit with. I worked it up into a standard stockinette sock -- casting on 60 stitches and working in the round, decreasing as needed for the leg to ankle. 

I tried a new heel on this one, the Band Heel. I learned about it while working up my Sock Knitting Flow Chart, and I have mixed feelings about it's final application. I don't mind the 'seam' that runs on either side, but I do feel that this heel is a little loose on me and that I would prefer to double-strand it. I am actually considering double-stranding all my sock heels, since I seem to consistently wear that part out first. I also wish I had knit these socks at a slightly tighter gauge. I think I have to do almost all socks on 1's from now on. 

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