Monday, December 16, 2013

Troll Mittens

Some people make new year resolutions -- I have a tendency to make end-of-year resolutions, too, and this year is no exception. My goal over the next two weeks is to get as many projects done and off the needles as possible! I want to head into 2014 with a clean knitting slate, open for the projects that I'm ready to start.

One project on my list was a pair of mittens. I have several mittens on the needles, but none on my hands -- until last week, when I finished a simple set out of this Hello Yarn handspun. The colorway, which is on Polworth, was called 'Troll'. I spun it as a navajo-plied, dk-weight yarn. I feel like this old picture really doesn't do the range of color justice. The yarn goes from a sort of cornflower blue to a very dark burgundy purple, with a full range of golden yellow and wine in between.

The mittens are pretty basic, not necessarily a pattern at all -- I just cast on 44 stitches, go around in k2, p2 ribbing for as long as I'd like the cuff, then knit for 2" before putting 12 stitches on a holder and knitting the rest of the mitten from there up. I go back and do the thumbs after I close the tops of the mittens up. I don't know how much simpler it could get! 

Unfortunately, despite being lovely, these are not very warm for the weather here in Iowa. I'll have to knit a liner for them or double them up with another pair. Oh well! At least they're finished, right?

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