Friday, November 15, 2013

Weekend at the shop

Due to a pretty hectic in-week schedule, I work at my mom's shop, The Sheep's Stockings, mostly on the weekends. Sometimes I'll pop in for an evening class, but I am generally at the store Fridays and Saturdays. These are often our busiest days, but occasionally they're as quiet as the others... where are all the knitters lately? At least when there aren't any customers, you can get a little knitting done!

I thought it might be fun to share some photos of the shop with you today. It's really quite a cozy little place. Right when you come in the door you can see the very large selection of Malabrigo. We carry all sorts of bases, and Malabrigo even sends us some colorways that you can't get anywhere else.

Turn around and you'll face down the long part of the shop. I love the flow here -- we have a lot of yarn in the front and middle and a pretty good sized class space in the back (with a little tea-room behind the wooden divider screen!)

Across from this wall we have even more yarn, and a Ravelry station set up. See the sheep? They're our 'mascots' and all have names reminding you of wool breeds: Cora (short for Corriedale), Delaney, Romney and more.

Keep going back and you'll find our cozy little corner, and perhaps me knitting in one of the chairs near our faux-woodstove. If you're ever in town on a weekend, come join me!

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