Saturday, November 9, 2013

Too hip to be square

I am slowly teaching myself to crochet. A large part of my progress was hindered by the fact that, being self-taught, I had thought that a single crochet was actually what is, in the US, referred to as a slip stitch in crochet. In the UK I think things are different, and so perhaps that was the origin of my confusion, but now that I have it sorted out (after a few extremely tight projects), I am chugging merrily along.

Crochet for me is something that I reach for when I just want to be mindlessly doing nothing in front of the television, or while waiting in a doctor's office, especially with my current project -- a granny square blanket. To try and bring a bit of finesse to this blanket, and perhaps increase it's useability, I am making it in a simple palette of gray and white.

My motif is based loosely on this lovely Swiss cross style afghan from the blog Muita Ihania. While hers is a very beautiful riot of color, mine is going to take a more graphic approach and mimic the type of quilt featured on A Merry Mishap's bedroom tour. I love the simple black and white and thought by stash diving I could kill two birds with a single hook, so to speak -- when it's finished I'll have the graphic throw I've been craving and a cozy new afghan.

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