Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sock hop

I've been kind of obsessed with knitting socks lately. Maybe it's because the Iowa weather is starting to cool off drastically -- we've had highs in the 50's lately and lows in the 20's. Or perhaps it's just because winter is approaching, my big projects seem too big (I have a few sweaters that desperately need sleeves), and I just want something small to work on while watching television.

I recently added another book to my sock book collection, Rachel Coopey's CoopKnits Socks. I met Rachel at TNNA this past June, and was really impressed by the socks that she's been designing. I'm telling you, this girl is up there with Cookie A. in sock design prowess. Not to mention, she's British and adorable. And she has lavender hair!

The book is great and completes my current 'trifecta' of sock books, including Clara Parkes' Knitter's Book of Socks and the Interweave Knits Favorite Socks book. I have decided that three books about socks are more than enough socks to knit, and so I am concentrating on knitting mostly socks from these books, although a Ravelry pattern may slip in from time to time.

My current projects are Dawlish, from CoopKnits, and Hickory, from Knitter's BoS. I've been working on Hickory for awhile, and have one sock down and the other on the needles. The yarn I'm using is a custom dyed order from No Two Snowflakes, and it's a soft cream with touches of taupe and peach.

For Dawlish, I am using the neon-bright, Lemon-Lime, Candy Skein 'Yummy' fingering that was sent to me for Yarnbox. We ended up going with her newer sock base, 'Savory', but I still have this skein and another in a pink and blue Bubblegum colorway that will make for fantastic socks. This yarn is pretty twisty when you get going, but the multiple ply and slightly overspun twist should help the socks hold up over time. The cables on this sock are a breeze! I feel like I nearly have them memorized, and the charts are very easy to follow. I did add some arch shaping to the bottom of the socks to accommodate for my high arches. Otherwise I would have had a baggy foot section (and that is just not acceptable!)

I've also been stashing a bit of sock yarn -- next in line after one of these pairs are finished is this Spun Right Round sock yarn, in colorway Goldfish. I love how it even has koi-like speckles mixed in with the hot pink, orange, and cream! I plan on using this yarn to make Darjeeling, a Cat Bordhi sock from the Clara Parkes book that seems to work well with more variegated yarns. It also has a tab toe, which will be new construction for me. I'm very excited!

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