Friday, November 22, 2013

Florcitas Cowl

When I was in Uruguay, Joji gave me the most wonderful little present -- two skeins of yarn from the yarn store where she works in Buenos Aires. The store, Milana Hilados, produces a lot of their own yarns, many of which are handspun.

One of the yarns Joji gave me was a skein of Florcitas. This yarn is a thick and thin, super-bulky single, and it worked up quickly into a cowl that has a mix of dropped stitches and single knit rows. I moved each 'flower' down the strand as I worked to try and space them towards the bottom of the cowl.

I actually finished this piece back in May, but this is the first time I have worn it, so I had my mom take some pictures of me at the shop this afternoon! I love how Anthropologie-esque the final project ended up being, and it is oh-so-cozy!

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