Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A little here and there

I feel like I've been swamped. Real life, work, finances, more work -- all of it is getting in my way of posting to the blog! But I have been knitting, and have even finished a few objects, so I'll try to get them up here when and where I can.

For now, settle for these adorable baby things I made for my sister's friend's shower! It's just a standby baby pattern for the booties (Saartje's Bootees) and an ad-lib for the hat. The yarn is Wool Candy Fondant Merino DK, which is sadly discontinued (the whole Wool Candy brand is). It was very squishy and delicious and has awesome kettle-dyed colors - this colorway is Cordial.

I have some pretty big goals for the blog this year. I'm saving up for a new camera, which should mean more picture taking, and subsequently more posting. I want to show you guys more of the behind-the-scenes for the work I've been doing at Yarnbox, and also at Knit Purl. And I want to start designing again too -- I hope some of you will stick around to read!