Saturday, May 25, 2013

Yarn appreciation post

Twinkiechan, the queen of all bubbly, kawaii and candy-coated crochet, recently posted a 'Y.A.P. - yarn appreciation post' on her blog and I just loved the idea! It's so fun to go stash diving and find out what colors you're drawn to in each family, and talk about the qualities of the yarn that made you buy it. I have a relatively small stash, compared to many knitters, but I pick everything in there really carefully. As a result, I love everything in my stash, and know that it will all happily become projects someday.

I sort of decided to do my Y.A.P. posts in stages -- I have a total of 8 photos so I am splitting them into groups of 4, so I don't totally overwhelm all of you. The other 8 will go up tomorrow.

Y.A.P. Reds

My taste in reds tends to run one way or the other. I either love deep, rich, cherry-toned yarns, or bright, cheery, vermillions that have a good dose of orange in them. I think this comes from loving painting so much -- Alzarin Crimson and Napthol Red are my 'go to' colors for mixing reds. I suppose some part of me adores them in their truest forms, too. Shown here are Blue Sky Alpacas' Worsted Cotton in the colorway 'Ladybug', Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Lace in 2095, Wool Candy DK in Cerises, and Malabrigo Rios in Cumparsita. I of course adore BSA cottons, but I haven't quite managed to start any projects in this color yet. I think some part of me harbors the desire to make baby things out of this yarn, and I don't know too many babies, so that could be part of the delay. The laceweight Plymouth is going to become a lining for my Squirrel Sampler Mittens, which are still slowly progressing along (or rather, just sitting in the wip basket, to be honest.) The Wool Candy was used as a border on a scarf for Andrew last year as a Christmas project -- I suppose it should eventually become some handwarmers or perhaps a hat. I have 3 or 4 skeins left in the Cumparsita. I used to have a full lot but sent some off as a prize for a giveaway last year. I think the remaining skeins will become an Abalone.


I don't buy a lot of pink. I really should, because I love it, but it's just not that often that a pink really catches my eye. Usually if it does, it's a super-hot pink color, like Madelinetosh Pop Rocks (which I am working on Thayer with). I prefer my pinks to be very true, bright pinks with purple undertones. Maybe a tiny touch of orange. Pictured here are Malabrigo Worsted in 'Molly', Noro Nobori, which is sadly discontinued (I love this base and was very sorry to see it go), Fable Fibers in 'Chloe' -- this is a really happy, bouncy yarn -- and KPPM in some unknown mauve color that will eventually become colorwork mittens or socks.

Y.A.P. Oranges

I honestly don't have that much orange in my stash either. It's not that I don't like it as a color, but I just generally tend to lean towards more brown than orange, so most of the orange tones are really browns. I have one skein of true-orange -- the Shepherd's Wool (by Stonehenge Fiber Mill) is really fantastic. This base, which is a dk superwash, is one of the softest and best behaved yarns that I've worked with. I would probably knit anything and everything out of this yarn as my 'workhorse' yarn if I had to. Next to it is a special skein from Lush Mommy on Etsy, my mom got this for me as a present last year, and it will become socks, for certain. Next to it is Alisha Goes Around, picked up at my first TNNA trip, and this yarn is really fantastic. I think the colorway name was 'Pecan Pie', which happens to be a favorite dessert. This base also has a slight sparkle to it, which I love. Again, this will become socks. The skein next to these is from Skein, on the Top Draw Sock base called 'Rusty Rock'. I was gifted this skein from a dear friend, Patricia, who thought that I should try some Skein. I haven't made them yet, but you only get 2 guesses to figure out what project this yarn will be.


And, finally, the last color group of today - yellow! I adore yellow, from bright and sunny all the way to mustard, and right now my stash is leaning heavily in the mustard direction. The bright and sunny skein on the end is from a Yarnbox dyer. Have you ever seen a happier color? I submit that the answer is no, you haven't! The little skein is Malabrigo Finito, made from the most soft wool in all of Uruguay, and possibly the world. The colorway is Mostaza, and I have two skeins, but I can't seem to locate the issue of Vogue Knitting with Jared Flood's Druid Mittens pattern, which is what these skeins are destined to be. Another skein of Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Cotton lurks next to it, in the fantastic 'Cumin' colorway. I would seriously wear a hundred garments this color, I truly adore it. BSA does a great job with their dyes. The one next to it I have no name and no brand for. It was a sample someone sent me at Premier, trying to get us to carry their yarn as a base, that just wasn't going to work out -- it made no sense for the company to hire another mill to make yarns for us when we were connected to another mill. I got to take it home so I could swatch it, which is why it has no labels. The skein in the way back is Malabrigo Aquarella in Palmar, and it was the first skein I ever bought from someone's Ravelry stash. Someday it will become a truly fantastic hat. This year, I think!

Stay tuned for the cooler half of the rainbow tomorrow!

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