Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May Yarnbox reveal

Even though this came a few days ago, I wanted to wait to share it until more people had gotten theirs -- I hate to give something away to anyone who might read my blog and be in the club and not want to be spoiled. So if for some reason you are a reader of the blog, and you haven't gotten your Yarnbox for May yet, look away if you don't want spoilers, because this post is full of them!

Our first month of Yarnbox has launched and the members seem pretty happy with it. As a perfectionist myself, I can see a little room for improvement, but all of the things I don't like I can make better in the next box -- that's how companies improve, after all.

Our yarn this month was provided by Zen Yarn Garden. It's their Serenity Silk Singles base which is fantastic -- a great blend of cashmere, wool, and silk that feels light to knit with, smooth, and extremely soft. We sent two skeins, each valued at around $35 retail, in custom-dyed colors that Zen worked up just for us. There are two shades of complimentary greens that can be worked with together or separately -- the yardage is really good enough to do whatever you want with them! The darker green is called 'Oasis' and the lighter, more variegated green is 'Eden'. 'Eden' is personally my favorite, but I have no idea what I'll be making with it, and I could certainly see Oasis working up into a great gifted accessory for someone next Christmas.

Also in this box were designer postcards from Denise Voie de Vie and Jennifer Wood. These ladies were fantastic to work with and it was really exciting to collaborate with them on their cards. We also got to include really great packets of Soak, which is pretty much my favorite wool wash ever.

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  1. Ah! Those colors are SO BEAUTIFUL!

    I didn't know what Yarnbox was until the current issue of Knitscene and I'm so sad I missed initial signups. I mean, it's not like I need anymore yarn (ever), but the idea is so clever. After seeing this post you can bet I added myself to the waitlist.


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