Saturday, May 11, 2013

Jess Quinn art dolls

all photos in this post are property of Jess Quinn Small Art on Etsy

I have a sort of secret obsession on Etsy - I spend a lot of time going through pages and pages of plush toys.

As a child, we had quite a lot of stuffed animals, from frogs to koalas to teddy bears to stuffed rabbits. My first plush was a duck that my parents named 'Lucky Duck' that was in my cradle. I loved on him so much that his beak wore off. They still have him in a bag in the attic somewhere, along with my best stuffed friend, Ernie (who is also balding, noseless, and terribly faded). As we got older, the animals that were still in good condition moved on to be with other children. As a devotee of The Velveteen Rabbit, some part of me has always believed that these toys go on to have loved, full, and happy existences until they are falling apart at the seams and too delicate to be played with any longer. That movie is so sad, I have trouble thinking about it.... 

Anyway -- I spend a lot of time on Etsy looking up carefully rendered sculptures in plush and thinking about how lovely they will be someday as a future tree ornaments, home accents, or nursery decoration, a much-beloved toy for a future child, or a gift when some of my dearest friends begin having little ones of their own. I have never made toys myself, though I do have a few knitted patterns for them that I will try someday, but there is just something really special and beautiful about handmade toys.

Today on Etsy I found this lovely shop - Jess Quinn Small Art - that specializes in lots of small objet d'art, but has some of the most fantastic plush dolls! Here are a few pictures (all belong to Jess Quinn Small Art, of course) and be sure to click over to her shop and check it out!

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