Saturday, April 27, 2013

Weekend wips

I get pretty lazy when it comes to finishing projects sometimes -- who doesn't? When it comes to knitting, it's usually a given that a knitter has a few things laying around that just aren't quite finished. It's a sort of crafting tradition to have more than one project going on at once. Maybe you're knitting a sweater and you're tired of knitting endless stockinette. Maybe the lace panels are just too hard and you need something you can work on while watching your favorite show, too. Did you recently stash enhance? I find that new yarn always tempts me to cast on something I shouldn't, especially with an overflowing work in progress basket just begging to be finished.

I want to start posting a wip (usually a small one, we'll work up to the big ones later) every week, and then I'm going to try and finish it by Friday of the following week. So that gives me roughly six days to finish a project. Most of my wips are little things -- handwarmers, mittens, a single sleeve -- that just need some final attention. I think six days is more than enough! If the end of the week rolls around and the wip isn't finished (or at least has had some significant progress), it will be unraveled, to be knit into something else! Hopefully I'll have more finished objects than frog pond visits!

If any of you readers want to take this challenge with me, let me know! We can keep each other on track. I will be updating my Ravelry progress bars to reflect what's going on with these projects, too.

Without further adieu, here's todays Weekend Wip:

Heart of the Lotus Ayatori

I have been knitting these Heart of the Lotus Handwarmers for my mom's yarn store, The Sheep's Stockings, in Marshalltown, Iowa. Her shop is always in need of some new display pieces, and these seemed like a great fit with the Noro Ayatori she had just gotten in (I'm ashamed to say that I picked it up in August -- this wip has been on the needles since then! That's almost a year -- don't judge me!) The Ayatori is lovely yarn, super-soft and colorful, and the finished fabric reminds me of felted wool without the work. The pattern is Heart of the Lotus, and is easy to follow. I think the reason this wip has been languishing so long is that I don't remember 100% where I was in the pattern, or what I did with the first handwarmer. I know that I knit only three 'stem' sections before starting the lotus section, which I did a less frilly single repeat cuff on, so I will probably try to decode and move from there. That's why it's important to keep notes!


  1. Yes, notes are indeed important. :) And I love, love, love the Noro yarn. Can I haz all the Noro yarnz, pleaz?

  2. Of course you have to have one more than 1 project going at a time! We will both be working on mitts this weekend. I hope to have mine done by tomorrow!


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