Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stash Highlight - ShiBui Cima

 I have a relatively small stash compared to most knitters, I think. My fiber stash takes up the space of one, regular-sized rubbermaid tub. My knitting stash sits out in a 3' x 3' cube shelf from Target, but only takes up about 5 of the 9 cubes. Pretty much, the yarn that I have would fill maybe one and a half rubbermaid tubs, with plenty of room to pop in some of my various works in progress.

The main reason that I keep such a small stash is that I don't buy a lot of yarn (simple, I know). Each thing that I buy has to fit certain criteria before it gets absorbed into my yarn collection:

Do I have something in mind for the yarn -- a project, or pattern?
Do I have something the same color already in stash that has not been used? Why?
Is it a gift? Was the yarn given to me by someone, therefore granting it sentimental value?

Shibui Cima 'UV'

I've decided to kind of slowly go through bits and pieces of my stash that I treasure and share with you why I've collected them. I know that to someone who doesn't knit, this might not be so interesting -- so you can just look at the pretty colors! The Stash Highlight today features a skein of ShiBui Cima in a new colorway from this year -- UV or 'Ultraviolet'. As you can see, it's named pretty aptly, given that the skein is a bright and deep shade of purple-blue, much like you would expect to see from a blacklight.

I was given this skein by my mother, who opened a yarn store in Iowa last year called The Sheep's Stockings. I think that the skein arrived as part of a 'see what's new' package from ShiBui -- she carries their yarn in the shop -- but since she doesn't knit lace and doesn't have a big lace-knitting contingency in her shop yet, she sent it on to me. The color is beautiful and certainly one of my favorite shades of blue-violet. But I'm not sure what to make with it yet.

With only 330 yards, this yarn wouldn't really work for most laceweight shawl patterns I have in my favorites. I feel that most shawls take somewhere in the range of 400 yards. I thought perhaps this yarn might be ideal for lining mittens, although that seems a little bit of a waste, given how lovely it is. The alpaca and merino blend will make it very comfortable next to skin, so I know that I want to use it somewhere I can feel it, not on the outside of a garment or mixed in with other yarns for a colorwork project. I'm thinking I might have to design something new, or perhaps knit it up into a lace cowl, which I could wear doubled up and draped about my neck next year when working in the shop.

I'd be really interested to hear any of your suggestions, too. Have you knit a pattern in laceweight that fits this yardage and description? Can you think of another possible use that would do justice to this lightweight, lovely skein? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. 198 yards of heaven or Traveling Woman immediately come to mind that could be worked up into a rather lovely shawl(ette) with that one skein.


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