Friday, April 19, 2013

Rain, Get Lost! Weekly Spin - Posie

Spun Right Around Posie

I try and spin one yarn at least once a week. Sometimes I get two done, but this week has been a doozy, and next week's not shaping up to look much better, honestly. I was lucky to get this spin done for Fluff, which is a side project that I'll be announcing soon. Don't expect too many sneak peeks, but this just seemed appropriate given today's lack of sunshine in both weather and world events, and how sunny and hopeful this fiber is. I can't tell you what this 150 yard, worsted-weight, chunky little skein will become, but rest assured, it will be excellent!

The fiber is 100% merino wool from Spun Right Around, and the colorway is 'Posie I'. It's really lovely -- it reminds me of the cute little violets that tend to sprout up all over every grassy area in the early spring, and the purple pansies that show up in every flower garden, supermarket and outdoor place for purchase and planting. I wish I had a yard that I could brighten up with some flowers, but alas, we are still living in an apartment! Does anyone know if you can grow pansies inside in a flowerpot? And if they are poisonous to cats?

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  1. Hi Hannah! It's Patricia (questionable) just popping in to say hello in your new blog space. The layout is great, love the fonts, and I look forward to seeing what appears here!


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