Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant

I love the days that I get to work from home, like today, and tomorrow, not only because I don't have to wake up early (I usually do anyway), not only because I can knit while I read through a proposal or write an email, and not only because I get to wear whatever I want, including pajama pants -- but because I think my cat truly enjoys having someone at home some days during the week. 

It might be a silly idea, but I get the feeling she actually misses me when I'm away, and on these days when I work from home, she sits in the chair next to my computer desk, watching what I'm doing, taking a nap, purring when she'd like to be loved on, and just generally spending time together. When I get up to eat something or work in a different room, she follows me, like my very own attentive assistant. If I want to, she'll even clear my desk for me (by knocking everything off into the floor! Her organization methods leave something to be desired.)

Do you have a 'personal assistant' who keeps you company at home?


  1. Oh My Bob - I love your one-eyed assistant!!!!!

    Mine does have both his eyes. :)

  2. Pog's my constant, clingy companion. Our other dog is around too, but he likes to do his own thing during the day. Pog is not happy unless she's in your face.


  3. I should specify by "doing his own thing" I mean "sleeping on our bed with his butt on our pillows." Pets are great.

  4. Diane: Thusa had to have her eye removed before I got her, some kind of infection that just wouldn't be healed. It's sad but you'd never know she has issues (except when she attempts to jump from somewhere that is way too high, although part of me thinks she is just a daredevil!)

    Alex: I love Pog! I think I am addicted to hearing about Pog almost as much as I'm addicted to Adrian's Pippa :) He's just such a funny dog.

  5. What a cute kitty! I also really like the cushion she's lounging on.


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