Monday, April 29, 2013


Recently I came across this image on Pinterest:

I loved the simple texture of the neutral on neutral, but wanted to experiment with materials I had here at home, which meant skipping the rope and going with some yarn instead. I picked Malabrigo Rasta, which has a nice poofy texture to it and is rounded, with a felted core that won't come apart (something I was worried about with couching a singles yarn). I also did some of the 'grouped' couching stitches by gathering some Noro Kureyon Sock into little bundles. I feel like this is a really fun technique and I can't wait to add it to a future garment! It is a personal goal of mine to make some really fantastic, meticulously-detailed pieces this year to add to my wardrobe. I could see this running down the sides of a zipper, being added around a cardigan's neckline, or even done in patches over a pocket! 

Here is my attempt at 'couching' stitches: 

Couching Stitch Sampler


  1. Nice! Is that thread you used, or yarn on the actual stitches?

  2. This is the first I've heard of couching and I think it's so great! I agree that it would look nice around the neckline of a cardigan. What if you added it between stripes on a striped sweater?

  3. Laura, the only reason I might not do that is because the sweater has to go over your body -- if it was a very boxy sweater with lots of wiggle room, yes... but if the sweater was fitted you couldn't get the couching on, it isn't very elastic!


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