Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Star Stitch Hat - Re-Release!

HDFD Hat Revamped by h.thiessen
HDFD Hat Revamped, a photo by h.thiessen on Flickr.

This hat, previously released under the title 'Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks', was first released on my old Wordpress blog in 2008. Originally, the hat was meant as a companion piece to the ever-popular 'Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks' Scarf originally designed by Morgen Dammerung. It has over 1,000 projects and has been saved in nearly 5,000 queues. I first knit the scarf in worsted-weight, and then again in Malabrigo Chunky, after which I fudged the original design to create a set. Unfortunately, the original did not really warrant pattern-writing, although I attempted it -- the decreases were a mess, with a large swathe of stockinette on one side of the hat and no rhyme or reason to the closure at the top. I promised myself later, after I had gotten better at pattern-writing and knitting, I would re-tackle this hat. But it lingered at the back of my list, except for the occasional poke or prod from a knitter who wanted to make it but wanted a better version. 

Finally, I sat down and set about making one. I could not be happier to re-release this hat with a new look, a new name and new fit! The original was very small, almost tight, and this one is nice and roomy and will not ruin your hair. The fabric, still provided by the gorgeous Malabrigo Chunky, is fluffy, soft, and wind-resistant, saturated with brilliant color. And the decreases work in seamlessly, forming the hat that I had long wanted! Success. This pattern is above all still free, although everything has been re-worked from needle size to PDF photography, and the hat has been given a new name - Star Stitch Hat

Also, I want to tell you all about the winners of the blog contest! The lovely giveaway hosted by Denise Voie de Vie's new 'Accessories: Autumne 2012' collection has been won by Miranda8Rose, who will be notified via Ravelry and have her prize sent next week! Thank you for entering, Miranda!