Sunday, December 23, 2012

Knitting Spotlight 'Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale'

I have had so much fun watching Christmas movies online this holiday season. I only wish that they had the original stop-action movies that I watched as a kid on either Netflix or Hulu. Not having cable means that I can't really plunk down and continually watch Christmas reruns while knitting, but that basically means that I pick and choose which holiday specials, programs and movies I'll be watching this year.

It was one of the recommended movies on Hulu recently -- 'Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale', that caught my eye. The story of a young boy who lives in Finland's border with Russia, this story follows him and his father as they discover that Santa, whose past may be darker than the jolly version that Pietari grew up believing in. The story itself is fun, if a little bit creepy for a Christmas movie, but the best part was seeing all of the fun Finlandian knits that the main character wears! Feast your eyes on these lovely hat and mitten sets, mixed color pom poms, and yoked sweater!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Been Spinning

I got a little more spinning done over the last couple of weeks, this time with Hello Yarn 'Critter'. Being Falklands wool, it was an easy spin and extremely easy to get even throughout the singles. I love how you can always tell which fibers are Adrian's while they're on the wheel, if only because she shows so much variety within single color sections. In this little bit of orange alone there must have been 10 different shades! I feel like this really adds a depth to the yarns spun up with her fiber that sets it apart in knitted garments.

At first, I wasn't sure if I cared for how the yarn barberpoled during the plying process -- especially since I was going to have a lot of it at a fingering weight. But after finishing the first skein, which was primarily orange, and the second skein, which has more purple, I think I really adore it. I was considering making socks, but now I am re-thinking the possibility of some kind of scarf. More than likely, this will be set aside for awhile whilst I work on more pertinent projects. I have a sweater that is almost finished, and several design projects in the works. I've also been wanting to jump back into some of my old patterns and re-work to re-release a few of them with better photos, wording, and pdf files.