Saturday, November 17, 2012

Box Step

Jubilee Boxy from the side by h.thiessen

Jubilee Boxy from the side, a photo by h.thiessen on Flickr.
Boxy on Ravelry: project, pattern, yarn

I finally finished my Boxy pullover! Knit up in fingering-weight handspun, I felt like this sweater should have taken forever, when it really only took about a month and a half. I spun the yarn, you may remember, from Two if By Hand 'Jubilee' -- the only worry I had early is that some of the skeins seemed less saturated, but in the finished garment you really can't tell at all. I love it! The Polworth wool makes it very cozy but not heavy at all.

The pattern was a little hard to follow in places, just because there are two sets of instructions -- one set is for in the round, and the other is for a seamed pullover. When you follow the seamless version, like I did, you have to do some skipping around. Other than that, the most 'challenging' part of this pattern was the cast on, which included a massive number of stitches that you had to be careful not to twist! My favorite part of this pattern was definitely blocking it. During the whole process I kept trying it on and wasn't sure I would love it -- it seemed very tent-like. But once it was finished, I steam-blocked using my iron, and it made all the difference in the world. I should have trusted my swatch more, as the finished swatch had plenty of drape.

Andrew is new to taking knitting pictures for me, but I think he did pretty well. Don't you just love the super-classy state of the building we're living in? Yes, that is two tones of peeling paint. No, they don't have any intention of sanding or refinishing the building ever.....

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  1. That handspun turned that into a work of art - I love how the stripes played out at the shoulder.
    Really well done!


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