Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Transition Weather, Transition Mittens

Ravelry: Transitional Mittens
Yarn: Hello Yarn Bristling Handspun

I could not be more excited for fall. Here in Knoxville, the fall comes in late, late October, bringing with it a fabulous change of leaves that people come from miles around to see -- it truly lights up the Smoky Mountains. Unfortunately, I have been so used to Iowa winters that I am ready for it to get chilly at night and in the morning around mid-August, so that's when I go full out on the knitting front.

It's not cold enough yet for these, but they're almost finished -- a pair of elbow-length mittens, spun with Hello Yarn 'Bristling' fiber -- that go from deep gray-blue all the way to bright mint green, kind of a reverse of the changes we're seeing in the landscape here. This fiber was pre-drafted and divided by color when I got it as a gift from a Ravelry friend, so I decided to spin it up as she'd intended. I love the results thus far. I can already imagine wearing them with my navy peacoat!

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