Thursday, October 4, 2012

Product Review - Two If By Hand

So, I am in full fibery swing over here, now that it is beginning to feel like fall, and that means that I'm finally ready to dig in full force on some of the sweater lots that I spun up over the summer. One of the sweater lots was a custom order from Two if By Hand, a two-person hand-dyeing team. Maria and Ceylan have been spinning and knitting for a long while, but only begun dyeing fairly recently, and they are definitely making up for lost time. Their colorways are fantastic!

When I saw Jubilee in an update (on Polworth), I knew that I had to have some and organized a custom order with the team. It was my first Two if By Hand fiber, although the brand has been getting great press for awhile, and I was very impressed by the turnaround time and quality of fiber I received. I got my order within a month or a month and a half -- very quick for something custom made -- on the fiber requested (Polworth). I was shown some example braid photos from the dye batch to confirm that I still liked the colorway prior to payment, and was given a shipping notice when my package was sent.

Upon arrival, the braids were gorgeous! I took them out right away and took a picture. While spinning, I noticed that some of the fiber in small sections had rolled together, forming 'rings' -- I have experienced this with all level of fiber prep, I just removed these sections and kept on spinning. It was very easy to draft and I did not pre-draft the top, instead spinning it for long color repeats end to end, and then plying. I did notice that there were slight variations in saturation between braids -- this is my only complaint, but it was not enough of a difference for me to be willing to return the fiber! I simply plied the brighter braids with the slightly less saturated braids, and the results were very even.

I will definitely be buying fiber from Two if By Hand again! My Jubilee spin (which ended up being around 1800 yards), is slated to become a Boxy. Like I've said, I was really impressed with the quality of this brand. I do not buy a lot of fiber, and am very picky about the fibers that I buy regularly. It has to be very colorful to catch my eye!

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  1. That's going to be one colorful Boxy! Can't wait to see how it works up.


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