Sunday, May 6, 2012

People Worth Pinning - Cirilia Rose

You might know her from her work at Berroco under the famous (possibly infamous) Norah Gaughan. But if you look her up now, Cirilia Rose is making a name for herself in addition to the pattern world, as the new Creative Director at Skacel knitting. She blogs as Bricoleur Knits and you can add her on Pinterest as Cirilia. Skacel also has her working on a new project, the Skacel Fiber Studio!

I thought it would be fun to include Cirilia as the re-introduction interview for the People Worth Pinning series here on the blog. I think that Cirilia picks a lot of sweet, cute things that have a bit of a punky bite to them. She likes some good ol' geekery, too!

Cirilia's color palette ranges from sweet pastels tinged with grays, all the way to neon brights. Top three boards I would recommend following from her include her Color, Aquarelle, and of course, Textiles.

1 - source pin ; 2 - Pop King lipstick for J.Crew ; 3 - Jewelry Designer Stine A. Johansen's interior ;
4 - Jason Martin 'Elemental' ; 5 - Bonny Map Scarf by Calypso ;  6 - Celine Snowboards ;
7 - Anthropologie Window Paintings  ; 8 - Eco Highlighter Pencils ; 9 - Fuzzy Logic Argyle Charts

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  1. Love this post, lady! I've been a little sluggish with the pinning lately, but I'm feeling the urge again. It fuels a lot of good work, I'm so happy to have it as a tool. Thanks for the awesome write-up!

    P.S. I have a new site just for Skacel adventures,


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