Monday, May 7, 2012

Forays in Crochet

pattern for this motif can be found here, I am using a US K hook

I've been teaching myself to crochet. So far, it's gone pretty well - I have made an entire crochet afghan, which I have yet to photograph (tomorrow, I promise), and now I am working on a crochet rug, after seeing so many awesome doily/motif rugs all over Pinterest. I really fell in love with some crochet coasters that I saw today, and decided that the floral motif would be the perfect structure for a rug!

They're working up very quickly in Universal Yarn's Shepherd's Own Chunky, which is a rustic-feeling wool in natural tones. It's been discontinued but before I left Premier I grabbed some of it in an office destash. This project is going to be the perfect size with just 5 skeins. And I love watching the stack of motifs grow. It's also a great beginner project because if I mess up, nobody will notice -- it will be on the floor so they'll only see it from a distance!

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