Sunday, March 11, 2012

Square One

I have started a little at-work project, for knitting during my lunch breaks, although occasionally it comes home with me -- a Mitered Crosses Blanket. If you aren't familiar with the origin of this particular blanket pattern, you'll be pleased to learn that not only do you get a gorgeous blanket out of it, but you'll also have donated to charity. Each purchase of the pattern gets donated in full to the Mercy Corps. At the time this pattern was written, the money was mostly going to Japan to relieve some of the tsunami damage. I am not entirely sure what the Mercy Corps. is putting all the money towards now, or if it is still going to Japan, but it's nice to know that I could give at least a little to charity with the purchase of this pattern.

All in all, the pattern is well written, and fairly easy to understand -- making it a great beginner pattern for learning increases and decreases. Since it's in garter stitch, I would highly recommend it to someone who knows the basics of a long-tail cast on. It also uses an additional cast on -- the Backwards Loop, that, as it turns out, is the cast on that my mother, who is just beginning to knit, knew from her childhood.

I am knitting the blanket out of some handspun superwash BFL, 'Hello Yarn', in the 'Chard' colorway. I have about 500 yards of it spun up to about a light worsted weight, and it coordinates very well with my background color, which is Universal Yarn's Deluxe Worsted. Universal is the yarn-store sister brand to Premier, where I work, and we had some yarn that got wet during transfer or maybe during a rain storm in the warehouse. Since we would never send damaged yarn to a store, we split up the lot amongst folks in the design studio and all took home a bag, which we then washed and dried out. Honestly, it was dry when I got it, and it didn't smell musty at all, so I'm just knitting with it, since it'll be washed later anyway. I've dealt with some pretty gnarly yarns before (fleeces that have been underwashed, etc.) so it didn't bother me too much that the yarn might have gotten a bit waterlogged.

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