Saturday, March 10, 2012

Southern Cross Fibre Club

This December, I got invited to be in the Southern Cross Fibre Club, after being on the waiting list for a bit. This club is well known on Ravelry for great colors that work for a variety of people -- including guys -- and fibers that are interesting and often unusual. So far, that's held true for me, although one month of the installment wasn't really my colors, and I thought about trading it (ended up keeping it), I am trying to broaden my comfort zone and try some new spinning. After all, if I just kept adding favorite colors to my stash I would have so much green that I could never knit it all up.

I think it's really important that people review clubs they are in, so after a year of being in club I plan to post a review based on my experiences in this club talking about various points that I think are important to folks looking for a club to join. So far, I have only been in three months, though, so you'll all have to wait until December. In the meantime, enjoy the gorgeous Texel (a new fiber I haven't tried yet) above! It was the January 2012 installment. The colorway is called 'Tequila Sunrise.'

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  1. haha! I chuckled when you talked about having to branch out to using new colors. My stash, at the moment, is mostly blue, so I can relate!


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