Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Future Colorwork

I spent a lot of nights this week spinning this, mostly because my apartment can get very quiet, but also because I like to spend my evenings in a productive way while doing non-productive activities like watching the season finale of The Bachelor or additional episodes of Once Upon a Time. Neither of which, just so you know, are incredibly enriching shows, but I just can't sit down and listen to something serious after a long day at work.

Altitude is a lovely Southern Cross Fibre corriedale prep -- I matched it up with three of the four colors that came in my Citrus Splash club installment, I think the browns go nicely together with the deep blues and purples. I've plans to turn this into colorwork, or perhaps gift it as a colorwork kit to someone, not entirely sure yet. It's about a very light worsted or heavy dk weight.

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