Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back to the Baktus

I have a lot of works in progress right now. Work is a work in progress, even -- I'm getting used to this new job, new apartment, new city. I don't know anyone here, and Andrew is only here for about 3 days at a time at the moment, so that means I'm alone a lot. To stay sane, I needed some 'tv' knitting. Something low stress that I can knit while zoning out in front of a movie or drinking a glass of wine. The Lacy Baktus is the perfect pattern. I've made one before, but this year I'm thinking I might make a few more, I love it so much and wear it so often.

This one is in Hello Yarn handspun (I honestly have a very small fiber stash and most of it is either Southern Cross Fibre, Pigeonroof Studios, or Hello Yarn -- mostly because I try not to buy a lot of fiber so I don't end up trying a wide range of dyers the way some spinners do) that I spun a very long time ago -- Thrive Corriedale. Corriedale is a great fiber because it is bouncy and lofty, but some spinners prefer not to use it because it can be a little itchy if the micron count isn't very high. Adrian of Hello Yarn definitely picks high-quality Corriedale, and I'm not the least bit worried about an itch factor with this sunny scarf.


  1. The handspun is so pretty! I like spinning with corriedale, but agree it can be a bit rough sometimes. It depends on who I buy it from.

  2. I love your Baktus and am always looking for what I call vanilla knitting - the kind that you can do mindlessly while watching your favorite movie or tv show!

  3. I'm all about easy knitting. Most of the time I knit for about 45 min in the evening while watching a show and I need something easy after a day at work. I love the colors of your handspun for this Baktus! (sjn821 on Rav)


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