Friday, February 10, 2012

Wishes: Fenton Jewelry

So gorgeous. This CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund competitor has really caught my eye on the documentary 'The Fashion Fund' (you can find it on Hulu and probably elsewhere, too.) While the series itself is really inspiring if you love fashion or are into design, Fenton, a jewelry collection by Dana Lorenz, is truly exceptional. The mix of candy-colored pastels and metals in the newest collection (which for some reason wouldn't load pictures), is particularly fantastic. I pulled a few from her flourescent collection from last year for your viewing pleasure.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back to the Baktus

I have a lot of works in progress right now. Work is a work in progress, even -- I'm getting used to this new job, new apartment, new city. I don't know anyone here, and Andrew is only here for about 3 days at a time at the moment, so that means I'm alone a lot. To stay sane, I needed some 'tv' knitting. Something low stress that I can knit while zoning out in front of a movie or drinking a glass of wine. The Lacy Baktus is the perfect pattern. I've made one before, but this year I'm thinking I might make a few more, I love it so much and wear it so often.

This one is in Hello Yarn handspun (I honestly have a very small fiber stash and most of it is either Southern Cross Fibre, Pigeonroof Studios, or Hello Yarn -- mostly because I try not to buy a lot of fiber so I don't end up trying a wide range of dyers the way some spinners do) that I spun a very long time ago -- Thrive Corriedale. Corriedale is a great fiber because it is bouncy and lofty, but some spinners prefer not to use it because it can be a little itchy if the micron count isn't very high. Adrian of Hello Yarn definitely picks high-quality Corriedale, and I'm not the least bit worried about an itch factor with this sunny scarf.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Spinning for Sweaters, Part II

I have finally finished plying and washing my Hello Yarn 'Onion Skins' -- although the knitting won't begin for some time due to the other projects that aren't quite off the needles! I am planning on making an Agnes, which should be nice and cozy if the weather ever gets below the mid-fifties here in Charlotte. Seriously, I know some of you back at home (in Iowa, in the Midwest, anywhere that it is cold) probably want to smack me for griping about nice weather, but a girl's gotta have a little winter! Especially if she's a knitter who likes to make warm woolies!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Back from Anaheim

I got back from Anaheim and the Craft Hobby Assoc. Show on Thursday, but I've just been resting up a little bit. There wasn't really anything interesting to share from the show -- I will have some pictures of our booth later -- and for now it is too dreary outside to take very good pictures of any goodies or treats I got in the mail over the past few days. But expect posts this next week -- I have been reading the new Clara Parkes' book, 'A Knitter's Book of Socks', and loving it! And you know what that means... as soon as some wips are off the needles, some sock wips are getting started!