Saturday, January 21, 2012

Spinning for Sweaters

I am currently participating in a really great Spin-A-Long on the Southern Cross Fibre Club board. My number just got called on the waiting list for this club and my first shipment arrived last month, but I already had a stash built up of Hello Yarn fiber that I could use for the SAL. The idea is to spin up yarn for a sweater (or, in my case, I'd like to spin up yarn for two sweaters!) My first sweater goal is a bulky pullover -- I'll be using the pattern 'Agnes' by Quince & Co., because I've already purchased it and it's very simple, probably fairly mindless knitting most of the way. I don't have enough fiber to make the whole sweater, so I'll have to stripe it or combine it with something.

Here is the first bobbin. I have since pulled the first skeins off the wheel after plying, but I will wait until I'm done with all the spinning to show you those! The fiber is Hello Yarn 'Onion Skins' on Targhee wool. I have 8 ounces to play with.

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