Sunday, January 22, 2012

What to do Today

Sundays are probably my least favorite day of the week. I wake up with the knowledge that before the end of the afternoon I have to say goodbye to my lovely boyfriend and roommate for three days -- he works out of town for Mondays, Tuesdays, and this week, an additional day (he came back to care for me when I was sick last week a day early). After he leaves, I inevitably go into a period of withdraw where I wander aimlessly around the apartment for about fifteen minutes, picking things up, putting things away and then back out again. It's not that I have nothing to do. I am almost done with my spinning, I could certainly finish any number of the quilts in progress in the closet. There's even some repair work to be done on a skirt that I ripped a placket out of.

But there's something missing, and my mind has to settle out with that before I get on with the rest of the day. Do any of you have roommates or spouses who travel a lot? Do you find yourselves doing the same sorts of things?

New Toy

I went and finally joined the ranks of smart phone users yesterday with a shiny new iPhone 4. I didn't get 4S because I'm not that fancy, honestly, and this should work fine for everything I need (mainly a phone and wifi hotspot and that email access and instant whatever). So I'm playing around with getting it set up today. Do any of you have favorite apps that you'd recommend? Or a case you love? Right now I am just trying to figure out the ins and outs of iCloud, which I will be joining today.

Honestly, now I'm worried about being too connected.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Quilty Little Jaunt

I haven't mentioned it on the blog yet, but after I got back from New York, I got very sick. Very, very sick. I stayed in bed all day on Saturday, Sunday, and then on Monday went to the ER, where I was then admitted into the hospital until Wednesday morning. You know that stomach bug that has been 'going around'? Not just 'going around' for me. Apparently some people are getting hit by it a lot harder than others, and I was one of them. After feeling entirely miserable and then slowly recovering from home over the last week, I was pleased to have finally fully turned the corner on Thursday evening.

You see, up until yesterday, I couldn't do many of the things I do on a daily basis. Go into the office, drive to the store, check the mail, spin yarn, knit... all of these things were clouded by a feeling of overwhelming nausea and exhaustion. Until today. Today, after stopping by the office and assuring them that I hadn't secretly moved to Tahiti, and had, actually, been sick (and had a hospital doctor's note to prove it), I had my boyfriend drop me off at the local sewing store, which is about a block from my apartment, and after visiting, I walked home. Walked. If you have ever been very sick, you know what an accomplishment this can be. Your first time having enough energy to get yourself further than bed to kitchen, to stand up longer than the time it takes to have a shower, to spend time talking to someone other than yourself or Twitter. Today was a big deal.

The sewing shop I stopped into is quilting, mainly, and was having a 'Fat Quarter Friday' buy 4, get one free promotional. I picked up 10 quarters total in a little spectrum, and the last copy of a Tula Pink quilt pattern. It looks complex but the saleswoman assured me that I can do it. It's only half square triangles, after all. And that they'll help.

I think I'm going to like having a little sewing store around the corner.

Spinning for Sweaters

I am currently participating in a really great Spin-A-Long on the Southern Cross Fibre Club board. My number just got called on the waiting list for this club and my first shipment arrived last month, but I already had a stash built up of Hello Yarn fiber that I could use for the SAL. The idea is to spin up yarn for a sweater (or, in my case, I'd like to spin up yarn for two sweaters!) My first sweater goal is a bulky pullover -- I'll be using the pattern 'Agnes' by Quince & Co., because I've already purchased it and it's very simple, probably fairly mindless knitting most of the way. I don't have enough fiber to make the whole sweater, so I'll have to stripe it or combine it with something.

Here is the first bobbin. I have since pulled the first skeins off the wheel after plying, but I will wait until I'm done with all the spinning to show you those! The fiber is Hello Yarn 'Onion Skins' on Targhee wool. I have 8 ounces to play with.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Jimmy, Purl Soho, and David Burke

On the first night in New York, I got to meet up with the gals from Soho Publishing, including Erin Slonaker, who writes the blog Pepperknits and is also the fabbity fab editor of YMN. Erin, Doreen (the advertising/sales superwoman for Soho), Hal Ozbelli (my boss) and I all went out for drinks at the fabulous Jimmy Rooftop Bar. I had a Cosmo, because Doreen insisted that I must have a very NY drink in the city my first night out, and we mulled over great conversation and drinks for a few hours while admiring the spectacular 360 views.

After drinks, Erin and I walked through the brisk and not-so-busy streets of Soho to visit the famous Purl Soho. I am an avid reader of The Purl Bee and have always dreamt of visiting the shop that constantly inspires me. Their new location is so beautiful, with floor to ceiling yarn everywhere, and all arranged by brands and colors. I picked up a few treats -- some of the KPM mini-skeins for colorwork, a Purl Soho project bag (more of a souvenir than anything), and a little fabric stack of six half-yards.

We went back to the James to go to the David Burke Kitchen for dinner, which was fabulous! So delicious in every way. I ate more than I should have but it was so worth it for the experience.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

New York, New York

Last week I got to go to New York City for the first time! It was for work -- as a Creative Director I find that I travel a lot more than I used to. Our missions for this trip were pretty varied and fairly top-secret, but I can tell you all about the non-work stuff. Hal made sure that I didn't miss out on seeing some sights, and he took me to Rockefeller Center. We went way after the Today Show was done filming - around lunchtime, which meant that while the square was still crowded, it was hardly packed, and there weren't a lot of people with funny hats and signs jumping around.

Hal insisted against my protests that I be a proper tourist and took a picture of me in front of the Rockefeller Center sign. Afterwards, we stopped at the Bouchon Bakery and I got a miniature bouche-de-Noel and a pistachio macaron. I really wish I had just gotten a bunch of macarons, because they were way better than the BdN and I would l have been eating them the whole trip. Oh well, next time!

I had a very eventful evening, too, but that's the next post!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Pre-Fall Fashion - Alice + Olivia

I know it's been awhile -- work is keeping me so busy. I have had a chance to look over some of the Pre-Fall fashion shows, though, and will try and post a few things about them over the next couple days. One of my resolutions for the new year is to develop an after-work routine. I want to go to work (9-5:30 M-F), come home, make dinner, then after dinner sit down and write a blog post. I'd really love to have this blog grow and be interesting again....

Anyway, Pre-Fall Alice + Olivia. This is 100% my collection, I could not be more sold on it. If I could buy one of everything, I would! Colorful, classic shapes with interesting detail, excellent pattern selection -- I promise you, these are going to be the pieces of 'vintage' future generations are looking for. Perfectly tailored, too. I picked a few of my favorites below. I really think the skinny pencil dress is going to stay for a few more seasons!