Monday, November 7, 2011

Wear Color

This might be one of my new favorite blogs! Wear Color (as you can see, I've added it to my blog roll) is a Tumblr blog that shows various people wearing colorful fashion! Sometimes it's just a splash of color, sometimes it's a whole outfit that is colorful, but either way, it is always an excellent choice. I am a massive proponent of wearing colorful items year-round, and I hope that this blog will continue to provide excellent inspiration for that! I also love that it becomes a one-stop-shop for fashion inspiration that otherwise you'd have to read many, many blogs to see!


  1. I checked it out. Very cute tumblr. Thanks for the suggestion. :)

  2. you're so right! this blog is fantastically fabulous! i love seeing all those pops of colour!
    p.s. I'm Lauren it's very nice to meet you!

  3. Hello Lauren! I think I was reading your blog the other day!

  4. Thanks for pointing this one out! I saw some of your pins and it is fabulous :)


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